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Achievement Story


Setting oneself apart from others is vital when networking. While credentials and technical knowledge are important, the achievements reached through our efforts set us apart from others [1]. Recalling and sharing one’s unique skills, experiences, and successes in a way that highlights and emphasizes their significance can be challenging. However, certain techniques allow individuals to effectively convey successes in a way that others will easily remember. One such method is the creation of achievement stories. Achievement stories allow individuals to showcase skills and experiences to ensure listeners recognize their significance and understand how they translate to other situations [1]. In short, when shared as a story, achievements are more credible, have a greater effect, and are more memorable than simply recounting a list of skills and buzz words. This exercise will help clients leverage their achievements to their maximum potential. By creating achievement stories, clients can showcase their skills, experiences, and successes in a clear, concise and memorable way.

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